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Creator and Host

Jenny Bushkell

Jenny Bushkell

In 2007, Dr. Gil Smith, Director of Celebrate Recovery at Cokesbury UMC  asked Jenny Bushkell and John Gargis to do a Friday afternoon recovery radio show with him on Joy620 WRJZ, where Jenny was Co-Hosting The Bob Bell Show on Monday mornings. About a year and a few months later, Gil went to Florida to launch another Celebrate Recovery and John Gargis went into the ministry! Hosted by Jenny Bushkell, the show became “Let’s Talk Recovery.”

Jenny interviews people with stories of all kinds of recovery.  A year ago, she hoped to broaden the reach of this show with not only recovery, but all testimonies of God working in lives and Jesus healing! The show became “Crossroads With Jenny Bushkell”. Whether it’s recovery from addiction, Co-dependency, grief, divorce, losses of any kind, life problems or miracle stories, they can be found each week on her show.

She also shares insights from social workers, psychologists, ministries and professionals on different subjects.Jenny has a unique and compassionate way of helping her guests share their stories. Her programs are the perfect blend of humor, inspiration and education. She has partnered with TN Machine Tool to bring hope and encouragement to listeners. Thank you for checking us out! We hope you will enjoy these shows!

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